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OA journals have the same scientific impact as TA journals

A recent study by Bo-Christer Björk and David Salomon shows that, overall, OA journals are not lagging behind TA journals when it comes to scientific impact. This is an important study to rebut constant accusations that OA means lower quality, … Continue reading

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Academic man

Logan Wilson’s The Academic Man: A Study in the Sociology of a Profession (Foundations of higher education) is a classic study of how academics are recruited and promoted in the US. While the study is old – it was originally … Continue reading

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Invented languages

Among last week’s reading;  From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring Invented Languages, Oxford University Press 2011. An entertaining walk through the forests of invented languages, not only auxiliary languages like esperanto but (even more) the languages created as part of fiction … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This is my private blog, where I’ll share with you books and articles I’ve read (or skimmed through) that either concers scientific/scholarly publishing, Open Access, biblio- or scientometrics – or any other subject that interests my, that I believe could … Continue reading

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