About this blog

I am Jan Erik Frantsvåg, a middle-aged (born 1957) university administrator working at the university library of Tromsø. My background(s) is in economics/business administration/banking/computer science/documentation science; I’ve worked in banks for 13 years, in the university administration for 13 years and since the summer of 2006 at the university library. There, I work with Open Access and scholarly publishing, while also interesting myself in bibliometrics/scientometrics. My professional profile.

I am an avid reader, both of fiction and non-fiction. In my work I have to read a lot and try to keep on top of what is happening in my speciality, Open Access – but I also read widely in other areas.

Some of the non-fiction I read, I feel deserves a wider audience. I’ll try to write a few words about these books in this blog, so you can see if this is something you would like to read.

I will also use this blog to tip colleagues off about interesting articles, blogs etc. relevant to Open Access, scientific publishing and authorship, bibliometrics/scientometrics etc. Some posts will be in Norwegian, these are primarily of interest to Norwegian readers.

All opinions are my own, and does not necessarily reflect those of my employer!


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