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Movies for marketing the idea of Open Access

The Faculty of Health at UiT The Arctic University of Norway has just launched four small movies to market Open Access to their scientific staff. But these movies may and should be used by anyone needing to market OA to … Continue reading

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New insight into the world of the PDF

In the article Refurbishing the Camelot of Scholarship: How to Improve the Digital Contribution of the PDF Research Article, Willinsky, Garnett and Wong points to two things about the current use of PDF (Portable Document Format). One thing is that … Continue reading

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<a href="Open Access (MIT Press Essential Knowledge)” title=”Open Access”>Open Access

Many of us have been missing a short, introductory textbook on Open Access to read for ourselves and to point to for those in need of education on the subject.

Now the book has come! Peter Suber, one of the “grand old men” of Open Access, with his non-partisan writings on most aspects of OA, has written a coherent overview of Open Acces. The book is aptly titled Open Access.

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OA journals have the same scientific impact as TA journals

A recent study by Bo-Christer Björk and David Salomon shows that, overall, OA journals are not lagging behind TA journals when it comes to scientific impact. This is an important study to rebut constant accusations that OA means lower quality, … Continue reading

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